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Absolutely top notch! Very thorough and polite. Went over every inch of the property. Jeff has extensive knowledge of different building eras and building materials throughout history. If ever by a home again it will be inspected by Gadget Home Inspections. THANKS JEFF!!!
— michael prenosil

Buyer’s Inspections

This is the most common inspection I perform.  Your purchase agreement has been accepted pending a home inspection.  That's where I come in.  I thoroughly inspect all areas and appliances and try to "paint a picture" of the condition of the property.   This information can lead you to follow-through with the purchase, negotiate price and/or repairs or simply walk-away from the purchase.

When scheduling a buyer's inspection, I take care of contacting the seller or the seller's Real Estate agent to gain property entry.  Also, you are welcome to be present for some or all of the inspection. 

Time of Sale (TOS) or Truth-in-Sale of Housing Inspections (TISH)

Time of Sale or Truth-in-Sale of Housing Inspections are required by many cities in the Twin Cities Metro area.  The intention of this inspection is to provide additional disclosure to potential buyer's as to condition of the home/property.  Some cities require some hazardous items to be repaired prior to selling.  It's a great resource for buyer's to review when considering a home to purchase.

Time of Sale or TISH inspections typically take around 60 - 90 minutes to complete and you receive a copy of the report shortly thereafter.  I also submit a copy of the report to the particular city requiring this inspection.

“Jeff did a thorough job and patiently answered ALL my questions. I have used several inspectors over the years and he was the best. His report was very clear and included helpful photos and diagrams without being too complicated. He answered his phone both times I called. I highly recommend Gadget Home Inspections”.
— ann stauch

Short Term Continuous Radon Monitoring


Radon is a bi-product of uranium decay.  As radon decays it releases quarks, which are subatomic particles, that when inhaled can cause cellular damage to the human body.  Good news is that we can detect it and mitigate it if levels are higher that what the EPA recommends (4 pCi/l).

Short term radon testing tracks hourly levels of how much radon is floating around the house.  The radon machine is set up at a property for a minimum of 48 hours and results are available immediately. 

Jeff was great to work with—flexible, informative and very affordable. I am buying my first home and ran into some issues that led me to rescheduling my inspection multiple times. Each time Jeff was able to offer me an alternate day and time that worked for my schedule without making me feel as though it was an inconvenience for him, even if it was! When going through the inspection, Jeff wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and inspect every corner of the home. When it was time to review his findings, Jeff was patient and helpful in answering my questions and providing me with as much information and recommendations as he could. His findings report came within 12 hours of the inspection being completed and provided a lot of helpful photos and information I’ll use as I move forward in finalizing my purchase. I would definitely use Gadget Home Inspections again in the future and recommend Jeff’s services to anyone looking for a well-done inspection.
— nikki lyman


My role in a client's home purchase is vitally important.  My approach to inspections is reflective of that importance.  I go the extra mile to inspect difficult areas & use tools to view otherwise unnoticeable defects.   You can rely on me to answer your questions & properly communicate my findings, so either a first time home-owner or a seasoned contractor is properly informed.  This I can promise you.  -Jeff


First time working with Jeff at the buyer’s request but an excellent choice on their part. Very complete and efficient. Great educational experience.
— jane morris

About Me

I'm jeff manders

I remember being a little kid and my Dad fixing something around the house.  There was usually some colorful language involved and when I got older I fully understood the struggle.  No internet or YouTube back then to walk you through a project.  Ugghhh!! Anyway, I'm interested in how things work. Whether it's building science, mechanical items, appliances etc...  And inspecting homes gives me the opportunity to see a lot of unique installations, methods, etc... that have been used over many generations.  I also enjoy not knowing what I'm walking into.  I could walk into a 100 year house meticulously maintained or walk into a house or horrors.... and I like that.  There's also a daredevil aspect to this endeavor.  I send my wife pictures while I’m up on high roofs & like to go into attics and crawl spaces, not knowing what critter I may encounter.  Also, it gives me a chance to use some pretty cool tools.

I'm a Certified Home Inspector & member in good standing with InterNACHI (Since '08), which is a great Home Inspection Organization.  I'm also licensed for Truth-in-Sale of Housing (TISH) inspections in Saint Paul and Maplewood and for Time-of-Sale inspections in South Saint Paul. 

Personally, I have a beautiful wife, 2 wonderful sons and life is good.  Hockey, golf and spending time with my family are my favorite pastimes   -Jeff