Radon Monitoring

Radon is an odorless, colorless, radio-active element that's a byproduct of decaying Uranium and Radium that exists in soil and rocks that our homes are built on.  The Alpha Particles that Radon decay emits can be inhaled and cause cell damage and is associated with various health issues including cancer.  Radon can enter homes through the porous concrete foundations are made from homes are built on.   It can also enter through cracks in slabs, crawl spaces, sump pumps etc...  

Radon Testing within Real Estate Purchases

Radon testing is performed with an electronic radon monitor for a minimum of 48 hours.  During this time the monitor will record radon levels hourly at the lowest livable level of the home.  Windows and doors are to remain closed during testing (normal opening of doors is acceptable).  If levels exceed 4.0 pCi/l during testing, radon mitigation is recommended to reduce radon levels and associated health concerns. 


  • $125 - Cost with an Accompanying Home Inspection
  • $175 - Stand Alone Radon Monitoring