Home Inspection Services

I perform many inspection services.  Whether you're a first time home owner, selling your home, investing, or a concerned home owner and want moisture or radon testing.  I have you covered.   See all of my inspection services below.


Buyer's Inspections


This is the most common inspection I perform.  Your purchase agreement has been accepted pending inspection.  That's where I come in.  I thoroughly inspect all areas and appliances and try to "paint a picture" of the condition of the property.   This information can lead you to follow-through with the purchase, negotiate price & repairs or walk-away from the purchase.

When scheduling a buyer's inspection, I arrange property entry with the seller or the seller's Real Estate Agent.  Also, you are welcome to be present for some or all of the inspection. 

Time of Sale (TOS) or Truth-in-Sale of Housing Inspections (TISH)

Time of Sale or Truth-in-Sale of Housing Inspections are required by many cities in the Twin Cities Metro area.  The intention of this inspection is to provide additional disclosure to potential buyer's as to the condition of the home/property.  Some cities require hazardous items to be repaired prior to selling.  It's a great resource for buyer's to review when considering a home to purchase.

TOS or TISH inspections typically take around 60 - 90 minutes to complete and you receive a copy of the report via email shortly thereafter.  I also submit a copy of the report to the particular city. 

Continuous Radon Monitoring

Radon is a bi-product of uranium decay.  As radon decays it releases alpha particles, that when inhaled can cause cellular damage to the human body.  The good news is that we can detect it and mitigate it if levels are higher that what the EPA recommends (4 pCi/l).


Short term radon testing tracks hourly levels of how much radon is floating around the house.  The radon machine is set up at a property for a minimum of 48 hours and results are available immediately upon retrieval of the machine. 

Invasive Stucco Testing

For homes with stucco siding it's important that window, door and other entries into the home have proper seals and flashing.  Poor or improper seals and flashings can cause the stucco to crack and deteriorate.  The question when these conditions occur is, "what is the condition of the wall sheathing", this is the wood that's beneath the stucco.  I can drill small holes into the stucco and determine the moisture content of the wood wall sheathing.  

Multi-Unit and investment property Inspections

Investment property inspections are similar to a buyer's inspections, but clearly the goal of the inspection is different.  Rather than deciding whether this is a good home for you to live in, this is an inspection that impacts the bottom line directly.  

Consulting or Professional Witness Services

Need consultation on anything home related, have a dispute with a contractor or need professional witness testimony?  I can provide professional statements and testimony based on my professional opinion of various home inspection items. 

Pet Stain Detection

Concerned that the previous owner's pets were using the house as their personal toilet or want to uncover any other disgusting bodily fluids around the house.  Concern no more, scanning with a UV black light uncovers all this.  

Final walk through inspection

When purchasing a home you'll have an opportunity to walk through the home just prior to closing.  This is an opportunity to view the home without the belongings of the previous owner.  Also, an opportunity to evaluate any negotiated repairs.  I provide professional evaluation and documentation of the current conditions.